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Subject: Re: [proto] So I heard proto make AST ...
From: Eric Niebler (eric_at_[hidden])
Date: 2010-08-10 18:45:44

On 8/10/2010 3:52 PM, Thomas Heller wrote:
> On Tue, Aug 10, 2010 at 8:56 PM, Eric Niebler wrote:
>> Good. Now if you are saying that Proto's existing transforms are
>> too low-level and that things like pre- and post-order traversals
>> should be first class Proto citizens ... no argument. Patch? :-)
> I think i am a little bit responsible for that whole discussion as i
> mentiones on IRC that proto transforms are hard for me.

The #boost IRC channel? Perhaps I should spend time there.

> So, why are they so hard. I am currently learning the principles of
> compiler construction (lecture at university). We learn all those
> fancy algorithms to optimize the hell out of our codes. But these
> algorithm all rely on bottom-up, top-down and what-not traversals of
> your AST. proto transforms work a little bit different from these
> tree traversals. BUT they are very similiar, and probably as you
> said, a little more low level. Just my 2 cents ;)

And a good 2 cents. I never actually took a compiler construction class.
Oops! But as I showed earlier in this thread, pre-order traversal can be
expressed in terms of fold. Post-order is much the same. But if I'm
going to go around claiming Proto is a compiler-construction toolkit, it
should have the algorithms that people would expect, not the ones I just
made up. :-P

And if you think Proto's transforms are hard now, be glad you weren't
using Proto v2 in 2006. <shudder>

Eric Niebler
BoostPro Computing

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