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Subject: Re: [proto] Funky exercie: subset of Boost::parameters using proto
From: joel falcou (joel.falcou_at_[hidden])
Date: 2010-08-16 17:51:30

On 16/08/10 23:46, Daniel Oberhoff wrote:
> ha, its alive :)
Getting it out is my main priority for 2010.
> did you get my query as to wether it will be possible to get sse acceleration without having to specify it in the type or having sizes be divisible by four (or even satisfying alignment provably at compile time)?
Now compiling with -msse2 is enough to trigger simdisation. If you use
nt2 container it does everythign already (alignment+padding). If you
happen to pass some naked pointer, we have a split strategy: we ofund
the first aligned element, the last one and apply SSE on these. The pre
and prologue are done in a scalar way. That's the best we can do. To
prevent further pollution of this ML, I direct you to

> btw, should I find time I am happy to help.
No problem :) Soon, the git will contain the bare container system based
on proto with a selection of usable functions. Tests and deploiement
will be very welcome.

> also you might be interested in checking out cuda thrust with regard to dispatch to openmp and cuda (and with the help of the ocelot project also to other opencl devices):
We have a post-doc on that already. Current prototype for openCL based
nt2 is on the par with comemrcial product liek Rapidmind.

(Sorry eric for this hijacking)

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