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Subject: [proto] Strange Error in GCC 4.5.1 (MinGW, WinXP, SP3)
From: Hossein Haeri (powerprogman_at_[hidden])
Date: 2011-02-17 14:16:58

Dear all,

In my namespace arity_caller, I have a struct CanBeCalled<> such that CanBeCalled<T, mpl::int_<n> >::type is an mpl::bool_<> representing whether T can be called with n doubles. I also have the following grammar (in a file called 'EmtnGram.hpp') in which I am trying to employ this CanBeCalled<>:

struct EmtnShiftFObjGram:

I have a short test-set that all pass except for the one marked with ***:

struct Plus1
  double operator () (double d) const {return d + 1;}

struct Plus2
  double operator () (double d1, double d2) const {return d1 + d2;}

double plus1(double d) {return d + 1;}
double plus2(double d1, double d2) {return d1 + d2;}

int main()
  EW1<InpPool, GameState, AmmoMsg>() >> &plus1;
  EW1<InpPool, GameState, AmmoMsg>() >> Plus1();

  (EW1<InpPool, GameState, AmmoMsg>() ||
   EW1<InpPool, GameState, AmmoMsg>()) >> Plus2();//***
  (EW1<InpPool, GameState, AmmoMsg>() ||
   EW1<InpPool, GameState, AmmoMsg>()) >> &plus2;

  return 0;

When I compile that under GCC 4.5.1 (MinGW32, WinXP, SP3), I get a very long error message. For those nice folks who'd still be interested in seeing it, I have attached that to this posting. Any idea please?


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