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Subject: Re: [proto] My own lambda for MSM / wish list
From: Joel Falcou (joel.falcou_at_[hidden])
Date: 2011-03-14 02:34:05

On 14/03/11 04:49, Eric Niebler wrote:
> Exciting stuff! Truly Christophe, your ideas re decltype and EDSLs in
> C++ are revolutionary. But unfortunately, I fear it will require a
> revolution. This is all do-able, but the changes to MPL, Proto and even
> to Phoenix in the case of the lambda capture stuff would require
> breaking API changes.

The main problem is that we still segregate type operations from their
runtime counterpart,
this leads me to ...

> As for MPL and Proto, someone needs to sit down and do some hard
> thinking about what meta-programming will look like in C++0x. I suspect
> it'll look less like today's MPL and Proto, and much more like what you
> envision. It's a huge opportunity for someone to do some really
> ground-breaking work.

.. the talk from Matt Calabrese last year at boostcon with the
MPL/Fusion hybrid
using decltype and auto. I think this is an interesting venture all in
all and should
be extended.

I have the same kind of ideas Christophe plus a few other (including a
real meta-DAG structure).
Maybe we should get Matt in our boat and try hammering stuff ?

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