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Subject: [proto] Using Phoenix inside eUML: mixing grammars
From: Christophe Henry (christophe.j.henry_at_[hidden])
Date: 2011-03-16 16:56:09


I have my eUML grammar, defing, for example a transition as:

SourceState+ Event [some_guard] == TargetState

I want to write for some_guard an expression of a phoenix grammar. The
relevant part of the expression is:
Event [some_guard]

Where the corresponding part of my grammar is:

struct BuildEventPlusGuard
    : proto::when<
            proto::subscript<proto::terminal<event_tag>,BuildGuards >,

BuildGuards is, at the moment, a proto::switch_ grammar, which I want
to replace with something matching a phoenix grammar and returning me
a phoenix::actor<Expr>, which I will then save into TempRow.
I suppose I could typeof/decltype the phoenix expression but it
doesn't seem like the best solution, I'd prefer to delay this.
Is there something like a phoenix grammar which I can call to check if
the expression is valid, and if yes, which will return me the correct

Second question. Now it's becoming more "interesting". And not easy to
explain :(

For eUML, a guard can be defined as "g1 && g2", where g1 and g2 are
functors, taking 4 arguments. For example (to make short):
struct g1_
    template <class FSM,class EVT,class SourceState,class TargetState>
    void operator()(EVT const& ,FSM&,SourceState& ,TargetState& )
 g1_ g1;

The fact that there are 4 arguments is the condition to make this work
without placeholders.

I 'm pretty sure that, while this clearly should be a function for
phoenix, I would not like the syntax:
g1(arg1,arg2,arg3,arg4) && g2(arg1,arg2,arg3,arg4).

Is it possible to define g1 and g2 as custom terminals, but still get
them treated like functions?

(To solve the problem, my current implementation generates me a
functor of type And_<g1,g2> which has an operator () with 4


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