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Subject: [proto] using phoenix in MSM
From: Christophe Henry (christophe.j.henry_at_[hidden])
Date: 2011-05-09 17:18:50


Thanks to Eric's latest changes (which removed conflicts between MSM
and phoenix), and Thomas' help, I added the possibility to use phoenix
as an action inside eUML.
There is still quite a bit to be done to be able to do with phoenix
the same stuff as with standard eUML, but for the moment I can:
- define a guard or action with a phoenix actor
- provide a guard with eUML and an action with phoenix and vice-versa
- use my own placeholders instead of arg1.. (_event, _fsm, ...)

I have all in a branch
( with a
simple example.

It's not a huge amount but usable. As I only allow phoenix with a
define (for security), I now have 2 possibilities:
- keep working in the branch and release with 1.48
- release with 1.47. There is no risk of breaking anything as we have
the #define so it's safe.

I'm very tempted to release with 1.47 so that Michael or whoever is
interested would have a chance to try it out and tell me what he'd
like to see there first, without having to get a branch. Plus it would
be one more use case of phoenix.
- phoenix is really out at 1.47
- I have a small worry with expression::argument<?>. The doc indicates
it starts at index 0, but when I try, it starts at 1. Is the doc not
up-to-date, the code, or I'm plain wrong?

Is there some interest to see MSM support phoenix, even only partly, in 1.47?


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