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Subject: [proto] Compiling in debug mode
From: Bart Janssens (bart.janssens_at_[hidden])
Date: 2011-05-12 18:45:01

Hi guys,

I've followed the recent discussion about compilation performance,
it's good to know things are getting better and hopefully support for
the new standard will help even more.

Currently, my main problem is not so much the compile time itself, but
how much RAM gets used in debug mode (GCC 4.5.2 on ubuntu 11.04). I'm
still using proto from boost 1.45, would the recent changes help
anything in reducing RAM usage in debug mode? Is anyone aware of
tweaks for GCC that reduce memory usage, but still produce useful
debug info (just using -g now, no optimization)?

I've gotten to the point where a compile can use upwards of 1.5GB for
a single test, resulting in much swapping, especially when compiling
with make -j2 (which I try to remember not to do, now ;).



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