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Subject: Re: [proto] Who's using proto ?
From: Karsten Ahnert (karsten.ahnert_at_[hidden])
Date: 2012-06-07 15:10:30

On 06/06/2012 09:24 PM, Joel Falcou wrote:
> Hi,
> i'm in the process of writing a journal paper about proto and I wanted
> to give
> a realistic snapshot of who is using proto and for what. I know some already
> (the whole MSM & Spirit team etc ) but i am sure there is other people
> lurking
> around here.
> So, if you want to contribute, I wish any of you, proto user, to tell me
> who you are,
> what you're using proto for and if you have a reference (for academic)
> or a website
> (for other). It's a win-win as you may get exposure and you help us make
> this paper
> a nice PR for proto.
> Of course, you can do this on the list or in private if you prefer.
> Thanks in advance.

Hi Joel,

we use proto for the Taylor series method to solve ordinary differential
equations. The method is based on automatic differentiation, and proto
is the tool of choice to do this. The main advantage is that you can
solve ODEs with very high precision within reasonable computation time,
where the classical ODE solvers are relatively slow.

The whole method should be integrated into odeint (, which is
a general library for solving ODEs. At the moment we are preparing
odeint for a boost review. We have given some talks about odeint (one at
this years C++Now) and the Taylor series method and there are two small
conference proceedings [1].


P.S. sorry for the empty mail.

[1] or

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