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Subject: Re: [Threads-devel] Request Help On boost::lock_error
From: Ashutosh Warikoo (awarikoo_at_[hidden])
Date: 2010-09-15 00:20:52

Hello Vicente

>Why do you use a shared mutex if you lock it exclusively in firstFunction
and secondFunction?
The myLock is defined as an upgrade_lock in the class definition.
Executing a lock() operation on a upgrade_lock actually takes upgrade
ownership & not exclusive ownership. So I am not locking it exclusively in
the first function only locking it "upgradely" (sic). Here is the
definition of the lock() function.
00846 void lock()
00847 {
00848 if(owns_lock())
00849 {
00850 boost::throw_exception(boost::lock_error());
00851 }
00852 m->lock_upgrade();
00853 is_locked=true;
00854 }

>upgrade_to_unique_lock has a sens only if the mutext has been
upgrade_to_unique_lock has no relation with shared_lock. However it does
use the shared_mutex as core entity. If a lock has to be upgraded it has
to be of type upgrade_lock & not of shared_lock which is what I need.
Before entering a transaction I have no idea if I would need to update the
variable. In addition upgrade_to_unique_lock takes input a upgrade_lock &
not a shared_lock.

>Shouldn't you user lock_shared()/unlock_shared() in firstFunction?
If you notice, the lock is a upgrade_lock & not a shared_lock. So I don't
have the functions lock_shared()/unlock_shared(); as its not a

Anyway I am posting the code again for brevity
#include <iostream>
#include <boost/thread.hpp>
class boostThreadLocksTest
                boost::shared_mutex myMutex;
                boost::upgrade_lock<boost::shared_mutex> myLock;
                static int firstFunction(boostThreadLocksTest
                static int secondFunction(boostThreadLocksTest
int boostThreadLocksTest::firstFunction(boostThreadLocksTest
        std::cout<<"Before Locking "<<boost::this_thread::get_id()<<"
        std::cout<<"After Locking "<<boost::this_thread::get_id()<<"
        std::cout<<"Returned From Call "<<boost::this_thread::get_id()<<"
        std::cout<<"After Unlocking "<<boost::this_thread::get_id()<<"
int boostThreadLocksTest::secondFunction(boostThreadLocksTest
        std::cout<<"Before Exclusive Locking
"<<boost::this_thread::get_id()<<" "<<__PRETTY_FUNCTION__<<std::endl;
        std::cout<<"After Exclusive Locking
"<<boost::this_thread::get_id()<<" "<<__PRETTY_FUNCTION__<<std::endl;
int main()
        boostThreadLocksTest myObject;
        boost::thread_group myThreadGroup;


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