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Ublas :

From: dsorkin_at_[hidden]
Date: 2004-12-29 09:47:30

  I'm using boost bindings to umfpack
(from boost sandbox : boost-sandbox/libs/numeric/bindings/umfpack ).

  Umfpack "symbolic" driver function (in C) accept
an " int " for matrix sizes and " int* " for indexes array.
(Strictly speaking, it should have been 'unsigned' and 'unsigned*',
if I don't miss some point.)

  As I understand, ublas matrix methods do some 'unsigned' comparisons
to check sizes inside the code. This causes g++ to issue warning
messages like this:
 "Warning : comparison of signed vs. unsigned.",
even when compiling the basic examples from umfpack bindings documentation.

  I like to compile with 'g++ -ansi -pedantic -Wall' and don't like warnings.
What can I do ?

Thank you.
  Dmitri Sorkin.