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From: Paul Baxter (pauljbaxter_at_[hidden])
Date: 2004-12-31 06:58:26

I note that the gmane news interface to this list (and the other boost
lists) got stopped in mid December. The others have been restarted, but
ublas is still not showing newer posts (mailman archive is fine). I'm afraid
I don't know what's involved in restarting them.... for the web version or
subscribe to the news server and look for the
comp.lib.boost.ublas group using your favourite news reader.

Perhaps it might make sense to have an additional 'common administrator' for
the various boost mailing lists for carrying out activities common to all
lists (like restarting the feeds). I'm not suggesting the administrator also
does ublas-specific work as the current ublas team are doing a great job.
(BTW thanks for setting up the new list!)

I also note that still refers to
the yahoo ublas list. It might be useful to update that link as well to
refer to both the mailman page and the gmane ublas news feed in a similar
way to the spirit and language bindings projects now do.


Paul Baxter