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From: Stefan Tarrant (stefan.tarrant_at_[hidden])
Date: 2005-01-07 13:29:57

Hi Guys,

I think this vector_temporary_traits problem has caused lu_factorize to
break as well.
I'm using VC++ 7.1.


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Toon, Karl,

I think I have tracked the 'test3' failure to some local changes in the
regression testing Jamfiles that I didn't commit to the branch.

Local testing shows 'test1' is now failing. This seems to be due to
patches involving Karls new 'vector_temporary_traits' method. Can you look
into this.

There is a separate runtime assertion in generalised_vector_of_vector but
is not too suprising!

I have committed the Jamefile fixes and hope to see a dramatic improvements!

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