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From: Karl Meerbergen (Karl.Meerbergen_at_[hidden])
Date: 2005-07-13 09:14:27

On Wednesday 13 July 2005 15:39, eeitan_at_[hidden] wrote:
> 1. is
> typedef boost::numeric::ublas::compressed_matrix<double,
> boost::numeric::ublas::row_major> SparseMatrix;
> typedef boost::numeric::ublas::symmetric_adaptor<SparseMatrix,
> boost::numeric::ublas::lower> SymetricSparseMatrix;
> is good way to define it ???? or there is a better way ???
> 2. how do i know (easily) whether my uBlas libs are up to date ?


It depends what you want to do with your sparse matrix.
As far as I know, adaptors are not optimized for sparse types.
In general, you may have to develop optimal routines for the adapted sparse