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Ublas :

From: Brad Bell (bradbell_at_[hidden])
Date: 2006-05-06 09:04:04

One can use Ublas as an aid in the by-hand conversion of source code
from the Matlab or Octave language to C++.

The mat2cpp package

is a example demonstration of how this can be done. If your browser
supports XHTML+MathML, you will get a better view of the documentation at

The mat2cpp package has been released with the Boost Software license in
hopes that those converting from Matlab or Octave to C++ will contribute
new operations to the package (that they find useful). Also in hopes that
ublas developers, who know the most efficient ways to use ublas, will
contribute more efficient implementations. For example, the routine in

returns a matrix and perhaps it would be more efficient if it returned a
matrix expression.