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From: Michael Stevens (mail_at_[hidden])
Date: 2006-05-17 12:20:31

Hi Vardan,

Just going though old emails that may require patches and picked up on this!

On Thursday, 16. February 2006 05:01, Vardan Akopian wrote:

> The second thing, is that I think there is a bug in iterator.hpp,
> where the indexed_iterators are dfined. indexed_iterators are derived
> from random_access_iterator_base<IC, I, T, D>, where D is the
> difference type. But for some reason indexed_iterators pass a
> reference type as D. For example on lines 1553-1560 we have:
> template<class C, class IC>
> class indexed_iterator1:
> public container_reference<C>,
> public random_access_iterator_base<IC,
> indexed_iterator1<C, IC>,
> typename C::value_type,
> typename C::reference> {
> so here D=C::reference, which in our case would be double& .
> Would anyone more familiar with (indexed) iterators check this?

I don't think there is anyone famililar with indexed iterator!! As they are a
special compile time option they are not normally tested either.

I agree with your analysis. I have commited a change to C::difference_type to

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