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Ublas :

From: nobody (rrossi_at_[hidden])
Date: 2006-05-17 17:03:01

    i wouldn't say i am an expert in ublas so take it as it is ...
nevertheless we (a guy called Pooyan Davdand really) implemented a fixed
size array that works together with the ublas...

it is rather simple nevertheless... performance is far better than the one
in ublas and there is not the memory overhead of the size as the size is not
stored but just given as template parameter

we would love having something similar for matrices ... but indeed i guess
it would be a bit more involved ...

changing subject i heard some discussion on the possibility of introducing
the symmetric product

Btrans*A*B which indeed is VERY important in many applications... did anyone
implement it in ublas? ... i have it coded in a (more or less) efficient way
for another matrix structure so if anyone is interested i can send it (it
may be helpful as pseudo code)