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From: Michael Stevens (mail_at_[hidden])
Date: 2006-10-07 15:00:35

On Wednesday, 23. August 2006 22:15, Leopoldo Peralta wrote:
> I use boost_1_33_1 libraries with MSVC 6.0, sp5. However, its uBlas
> (1.33.0) library is not compatible with this compiler. What procedure
> should I follow to have uBlas (1.32) properly installed and still being
> able of mixing the other boost_1_33_1 VC6.0 compatible libraries?

Does anyone have a solution to this? You certainly cannot simply drop the 1.32
headers for uBLAS into 1.33.1. There are too many dependencies on other Boost
headers for that.

Also it not possible to include both sets of boost headers in the same
compilation unit or even compilation units linked together. The only
possibility is to compile seperate shared libraries (DLLs or SOs) which each
exclusively use one version of Boost.

Versioning is not something C++ is good at!


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