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From: Riccardo Rossi (rrossi_at_[hidden])
Date: 2006-11-10 02:54:18

hello Gunter,
     just dropping in the conversation...

i agree... it would be lovely to have the same interface.
My wish would be to go on using the "prod" operation and the "standard"
ublas interface knowing it will actually call the optimized operators
for small matrices/vectors



On Thu, 2006-11-09 at 13:47 +0100, Gunter Winkler wrote:
> On Thursday 09 November 2006 12:31, Maik Beckmann wrote:
> > Hello
> >
> > It seems that many people thought about and worked on good performing
> > small fixed matrix implementations.
> > i.e.:
> Thanks for the pointer.
> > Since it wasn't mention AFAIK on this list yet, I want to point out that
> > lately a IMHO good looking approach has been posted to boost-devel:
> >
> I didn't check the code, but the replies state the problem: There are 3
> proposals that slightly differ.
> For my own programs I'd like to have a common interface for small, medium and
> large matrices and vectors. Some parts mainly operate on objects of size 2 to
> 10, which are assembled into a large sparse matrix. Thus I frequently have to
> cast from double arrays to usable matrix/vector types.
> This leads to these conclusions:
> 1. A library for (small) fixed size vectors and matrices is useful (and should
> be included into boost)
> 2. All boost libraries for linear algebra should have a common interface _and_
> should contain types that are convertible or at least assignable to each
> other. (This is IMHO the goal of GLAS)
> 3. Actually there should be 3 libraries
> a) small (dense) objects -> tvmet, 2D-matrix, ...
> b) large dense objects -> dense part ublas, blas bindings
> c) (large) sparse objects -> sparse part of ublas, umfpack bindings
> mfg
> Gunter
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