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Ublas :

From: Epic John (epicjohn_at_[hidden])
Date: 2006-11-26 20:51:49

Hi everyone,

First, thanks for all the functionality in ublas. It looks like a lot of
effort and thought has gone into the design and implementation of the
package, and i appreciate its availability, and the great support on this
list. I especially want to express my gratitude to Gunter who seems to be
the main person actively supporting and adding functionality to sparse
matrices and algorithms, which I think is the biggest strength of uBlas.

I keep getting the error that nnz() is not defined for compressed vectors,
when compiling. ANy ideas why? Looking at vector_sprase.hpp it seems that
everything should work properly, but perhaps there is some template trick I
am missing?

I get similar errors for compressed_matrix:: insert_element()

Thanks in advance.