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From: Michael Stevens (mail_at_[hidden])
Date: 2006-11-30 12:57:35

On Friday, 20. October 2006 02:55, Neal Becker wrote:
> I noticed 2 issues when reading storage.hpp (current release).
> 1. IIUC, then resize_internal will not use the value of the 'init'
> parameter unless 'preseve' is true. That is, new elements will not be
> initialized with init unless preserve is true. Is this the desired
> behavior? I think preserve and init should be orthogonal.

Agreed the are orthogonal. Potentially it could be split into two functions.

> 2. If new size is < old size, we still reallocate and copy storage. Is
> this really the desired behavior?

I think so! Otherwise you never get the memory back. Both behaviours can be
useful. I guess it would be fairly simple to write a derived class that
supress the resize when it size shrinks and returns it's own smaller size.


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