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From: ElPeque (elpeque2_at_[hidden])
Date: 2007-08-06 11:58:17

Ive seen some old discussions about making Boost more OpenGL friendly.


Im new to Boost, and i was considering using it as i've seen it is a very
respected product. I'd love to know what finally happened with Boost after
the discussions above took place (any probably a houndred others as well).
Is there now an efficient way to pass uBLAS's matrixes and vectors to

Thanks a lot in advance! I post the question rather than investiganting all
of it myself as i am quite time restricted to begin with this project, and
im considering other math libraryes. I just can't mess with them all until i
find out which one suits me best. Maybe an experienced user can answer this
without even thinking :).

Thanks again :)


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