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From: Sorkin Dima (dsorkin_at_[hidden])
Date: 2007-10-05 18:49:32

On Fri, 5 Oct 2007, Ian Fellows wrote:
> Hi All,
> So I downloaded the bindings from:
I'm not sure they are update there.

> In cygwin, I copied the bindings into the numeric folder, and copied
> 'configure' and '' to C:\Program Files\boost\boost_1_34_0
> directory and entered:
> ./configure
> make --debug
> It makes fine, but notes that:
> File 'all' does not exist.
> Must remake target 'all'.
These bindings are just header files. What are you trying to do ?

> I definitely am doing something wrong, as I get as error ("failed to
> specialize function template 'matrix_traits<M>::pointer") when I call the
I think you didn't include
////// <boost/numeric/bindings/traits/ublas_vector.hpp>

Please read and try to basically understand these pages (especially
the second)*checkout*/boost-sandbox/boost-sandbox/libs/numeric/bindings/doc/index.html*checkout*/boost-sandbox/boost-sandbox/libs/numeric/bindings/traits/doc/index.html