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From: Nuno Sucena Almeida (slug_at_[hidden])
Date: 2007-10-23 13:43:05

        I looked at your code, and I see a small thing that might be incorrect, but
pardon me if I'm seeing it wrong:


                                  range_t mult_target(workd,range(ipntr[1],ipntr[1]+n));

shouldn't you have instead:

the same for the other, to account for the fact that ipntr[0] will give the
value 1 for the first element of the vector (fortran style) ?
I'm asking this because I have a similar implementation, but using the
extra -1 term. I didn't check the rest of the code though,


On Tuesday 23 October 2007, Dima Sorkin wrote:
> No the archive site is up. My code for the use of ARPACK is here: