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Ublas :

From: Niko Vuokko (niko.vuokko_at_[hidden])
Date: 2008-07-21 16:15:53

There is no documentation whatsoever of these find functions for
matrices (and vectors and so on). I know the iterator scheme is going
through changes probably soon, but why have public functions that nobody
knows how to use?

I would need exactly (learnt this by reading the sources...) the
functionality of these, but I don't know how to test whether the search
fell through or was succesful. I read the header codes, I searched the
web and tried finding any if-tests from the ublas headers, but nothing
came up.

I tried executing all kinds of if-tests, but nothing gave sensible
output. The weirdest test was if(it2 == mat.end2()), which gave true if
the search was supposed to be succesful, but false otherwise. How can
this be?

Could someone please explain the usage of these functions? Even the
input variable rank had to be googled for... Furthermore it would be
nice of someone to spend 5 minutes to fix the documentation. I guess I'm
not the only one needing this stuff.