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Subject: [ublas] Conflicting operator == in ublas
From: K.M.A.Chai_at_[hidden]
Date: 2008-12-10 08:42:33


    The following

   grep -R "operator ==" ublas/* | grep -v "iterator"

produces, for example:

operator == (const vector_expression<E1> &e1, const vector_expression<E2> &e2) {


bool operator == (const matrix_row &mr) const {

It seems that the definition of operator== in the proxies does not agree
with the concept.

For example, in matrix_row, which is derived from a vector_expression,
two rows are equal iff they are the same indexes into the same matrices.
This conflicts the definition in ublas/detail/concept, where it is stated
that two vectors are equal if their norm_inf are zero.

Should the operator== in all the proxies be removed to be consistent?

Kian Ming (Adam)

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