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Subject: Re: [ublas] Linker error
From: Thomas Klimpel (Thomas.Klimpel_at_[hidden])
Date: 2008-12-13 15:13:36

Mehran Ziadloo wrote:
> Where can I find the following 11 functions implementations:
> dgemv
> dsyevr
> dsyrk
> moddlaed7
> dnrm2
> dgemm
> dasum
> ddot
> zgemv
> cgemv
> sgemv
> These are declared in blas.h but not implemented anywhere! Or at least we can't find it (we = me and linker).
> Shall I import some library or dll? Oh, btw I'm working on windows and with VC++9.0.

These seem to be routines from BLAS. The simplest way to get a working but slow implementation of these is to link against "BLAS_nowrap.lib" from

(You probably have to define "BIND_FORTRAN_LOWERCASE_UNDERSCORE" and use the linker option
/NODEFAULTLIB:LIBCMTD" in order to avoid link problems, see

The MKL and ACML libraries contain faster implementations of these.