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Subject: [ublas] Help with new matrix adaptor
From: Arnaldo Leon (arnaldo.leon_at_[hidden])
Date: 2009-02-07 14:54:53


I've been wanting to implement a read-only matrix adaptor for lagged
matrices, which are similar to Hankel matrices, but without the
square-matrix constraint, that is:

a(i,j) = a(i+1,j-1)

This would allow me to store the data in memory in a very compact
form. In my current implementation (where I copy the data) a matrix
with 100 lags consumes 100x more memory than necessary.

I've looked at symmetric_adaptor and I think it could be used as an
example of what I want to do, but the documentation is extremely

What do the find1() and find2() methods do? What is the "rank" variable?

Is there an easier way to set up const_iterator1 and const_iterator2?
Is there any sample code or tutorials somewhere? What is index1() and

Has anybody else implemented such an adaptor?

Is my approach correct? or should I be using some other template?

The only operations I will need to be using on this matrix is prod()
and column(), so I only need read-only access.

Thanks in advance...