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Subject: Re: [ublas] [Boost-ublas] How to use function calls in ublas expression
From: dariomt (dariomt_at_[hidden])
Date: 2009-06-29 10:27:07

Kim Kuen Tang <kuentang <at>> writes:

> Hi dariomt,
> If you really want to write code like above then you need to implement
> it by yourself.

<snip proto example>

It is very interesting, thanks a lot! I'll be spending some time studying this
code and learning a bit more about Proto.

> MixedOps::assign(u, 0.0);
> u+=v+w+sin(m);

I'm guessing it is possible to define operator+= but not possible to redefine
operator=. It's a pity we cannot have both to get more homogeneous code.

And one question:

Let's say my function is a function object, say

class MyFunctionObject
    // store some state
    double operator() (double x)
    // using state to make it work

MyFunctionObject f;

u += v + w + f(m);

Is there a way to make it work calling operator() for instance f at every

Thanks again!