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Subject: Re: [ublas] [bindings] New traits system
From: Rutger ter Borg (rutger_at_[hidden])
Date: 2010-01-09 10:55:16

Jesse wrote:

> All of your fixes worked well. See my previous post on gelsd for my hack
> that got it working.

Do you mean the current svn version (r58842) of gelsd still doesn't work for
you? (The stuff Thomas was referring to is fixed).

>> Have you already checked out the new gemm? It is able to handle all cases
>> that we discussed a couple of months ago (passing row major gets
>> transposed, etc.).
> The interface looks impressive. I just gave it a shot and got a compile
> error
> (using ublas matrices and the appropriate trait loaded). It looks like
> the
> AssociatedSequence type isn't being loaded correctly? Perhaps a missing
> header I can't figure out?

Thanks for the report! I will be able to look into this tomorrow.