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Subject: Re: [ublas] [bindings] New traits system
From: Thomas Klimpel (Thomas.Klimpel_at_[hidden])
Date: 2010-01-14 20:24:43

Rutger ter Borg wrote:
> The only remaining failing regressions are those for gbsv and hbevx. I think
> the banded stuff is rather exceptional (the storage signature is changed by
> the function), let's give it some more thought.

I've fixed hbevx. I found 3 additional regression tests: ublas_ptsv, ublas_steqr and ublas_sytrd. I added them to the regression test suit, and also fixed them (without cheating this time).

I modified hseqr.cpp, so that it detects the wrong assertion on the output parameter "m":
The test is now failing, as expected...

So now we have 40 passing tests out of 42 regression tests, with gbsv still waiting for some more thought.