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Subject: Re: [ublas] A regression and a few ublas modifications for consideration
From: Gunter Winkler (guwi17_at_[hidden])
Date: 2010-02-21 15:35:00

Hello Jesse,

Jesse Perla schrieb:
> The following are based on boost version 1.42 code. Sorry, I am not competent
> enough to create patches to the trunk, but the changes are pretty small.
> 0) A while back we had discussed adding overload resolution to the matrix/vector
> expressions involving scalars in order to implement operator*, etc.
> The solution was to add an enable_if see line 2942ish of matrix_expression.hpp
> The code committed to 1.42 was to test with:
> enable_if< is_convertible<T1, typename E2::value_type >
> But this ended up breaking an auto-differentiation library I was using...
> Templated AD libraries will often have their own, arithmetic type which will
> record operations of the type * a double, etc. for a matrix multiplication by
> a scalar, etc. But you can't convert between them!
> My quick fix was to change the enable_if to the following:
> typename enable_if< is_arithmetic<T1>
> Of course, this could get fancier and ensure that operator *(T1, value_type)
> exists, but I don't think it is essential.
> ...I think that this is an important since arithmetic operations between
> the types do not imply convertibility

could you please send a patch and CC me. Unfortunately I am still fully
occupied by my job and can only occasionally check the list.

> 1) While vector<> has an explicit on its constructor with the size,
> bounded_vector does not. See line 551 of vector.hpp or so
> I added an explicit and it solved some awful problems with automatic casting
> 2) While vector<> has a constructor that takes a size and then a value to
> initialize with, bounded_vector does not. I added in the following constructor
> for this operation and for consistency:
> bounded_vector (size_type size, const value_type &value):
> vector_type (size)
> {std::fill(begin(), end(), value);}

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