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Subject: Re: [ublas] Element-wise operations are really slow
From: xiss burg (xissburg_at_[hidden])
Date: 2010-04-20 14:18:40

Hi Nelos,

Thanks for you time. That sparse fill sample does the same thing I'm doing,
a loop with +=s. I can't get to compile that code, I always get the error:
error C2668: 'boost::numeric::ublas::ref' : ambiguous call to overloaded

I gave a try to generalized vector of coordinate and compressed matrices and
they performed a little worse than a compressed_matrix. And by "using a
generalized vector of coordinate matrices to intitally assemble the matrix
(by basically changing the type you have) and then use that to fill (by
using push_back) a compressed matrix" you mean using a generalized vector of
vector to assemble the matrix (in the loop with +=s) and then push_back all
elements into a compressed_matrix? I didn't try it because of course it'll
be worse since without the push_backs its already slow.

I guess that must be something wrong there for this operation to be so slow,
then there must be a solution where I won't need to change much of the
current code. I'm quite desperate to get a solution to this problem...

Thanks again,


On Tue, Apr 20, 2010 at 8:57 AM, Nasos Iliopoulos <nasos_i_at_[hidden]>wrote:

> Hello Xiss,
> maybe the examples on sparse fill can help you with that. Take a look at:
> It is probable that
> using a generalized vector of coordinate matrices to intitally assemble the
> matrix (by basically changing the type you have) and then use that to fill
> (by using push_back) a compressed matrix, will make it a lot faster. If you
> don't need the structure of the compressed matrix you can neglect the last
> step.
> If you are sort in memory, another idea that might work (although it is
> algorithmically harder and I haven't really tested it) is to define a
> vector of matrix blocks (each matrix being maybe 2*band x 2*band), that you
> use them to assemble the stiffness matrix and then progressively push them
> back in the compressed matrix like,
> [B1 C1 0 0 ]
> [A2 B2 C2 0 ]
> [0 A3 B3 C3]
> [0 0 A4 B4]
> neglecting the zero entries. "Bs" will be diagonals, "As "will be at least
> upper triangular and "Cs" will be at least lower triangular (the least means
> that their diagonal elements maybe zero). This would need some custom
> algorithms to navigate in the blocks though.
> Best
> Nasos
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> Date: Mon, 19 Apr 2010 00:14:36 -0300
> From: xissburg_at_[hidden]
> To: ublas_at_[hidden]
> Subject: [ublas] Element-wise operations are really slow
> In my algorithms I have to read/write from/to each individual element of a
> matrix, and this is making my application really slow. More specifically,
> I'm assembling a stiffness matrix in Finite Element Method. The code is like
> this:
> for(int i=0; i<m_tetrahedrons.size(); ++i)
> {
> btTetrahedron* t = m_tetrahedrons[i];
> t->computeCorotatedStiffness();
> for(unsigned int j=0; j<4; ++j)
> for(unsigned int k=0; k<4; ++k)
> {
> unsigned int jj = t->getNodeIndex(j);
> unsigned int kk = t->getNodeIndex(k);
> for(unsigned int r=0; r<3; ++r)
> for(unsigned int s=0; s<3; ++s)
> {
> m_RKR_1(3*jj+r, 3*kk+s) +=
> t->getCorotatedStiffness0(3*j+r, 3*k+s);
> m_RK(3*jj+r, 3*kk+s) +=
> t->getCorotatedStiffness1(3*j+r, 3*k+s);
> }
> }
> }
> Where m_RKR_1 and m_RK are both compressed_matrix<float>,
> t->getCorotatedStiffness0/1 just returns the (i,j) element of a 12x12
> compressed_matrix<float>. If I don't compute the co-rotated matrices the
> simulation still works but incorrectly (linear strain only), but very fast
> (basically, by commenting the element wise operations in that code).
> Whenever I turn the co-rotational stuff on, it gets damn slow, and those
> element wise operations are guilty.
> What am I doing wrong? Is there any faster technique to do that? Well,
> there must be one...
> Thanks in advance.
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