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Subject: [ublas] [bindings] Use of fortran_int_t
From: Marco Guazzone (marco.guazzone_at_[hidden])
Date: 2010-07-14 07:52:03


I'm playing with "lapack/driver/gges.hpp" for Generalized Schur Decomposition.

Two of its parameters take a "logical_t*" (selctg) and a
"fortrant_int_t&" (sdim).

While "logical_t" is defined in bindings/traits/type.h,
"fortran_int_t" is not and its definition is in

So is it safe to include "detail/config/fortran.hpp" in client code?
The adjective "safe" is to be intended as "stable" since this include
is in the "detail" part of the library and hence possibly subjected to

Also, I've found that "integer_t" definition (in "traits/type.h") is
very similar to "fortran_int_t" (actually the same).
It is better to use this type or "fortran_int_t" in client code?

Thank you very much!!


-- Marco