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Subject: [ublas] Sparse Matrix Serialization
From: Luke Bloy (lbloy_at_[hidden])
Date: 2010-12-23 07:49:44

I'm interested in serializing some boost compressed row matrices. Based
on this mailing list thread from 2008 it seemed
that dense matrix support has been implemented so I had hoped that
sparse matrix support was there as well. However when i attempt to
compile the attached code I get a number linking errors of the type

BoostTest3.cxx:(.text+0xf1e): undefined reference to
BoostTest3.cxx:(.text+0xf38): undefined reference to
BoostTest3.cxx:(.text+0xf42): undefined reference to
`boost::serialization::extended_type_info::key_register() const'
BoostTest3.cxx:(.text+0x1000): undefined reference to

The only boost library i'm attempting to link to is

Am I missing something or has this functionality not been implemented?

If it isn't implemented can someone propose a work around? Could i
serialize the unbounded arrays that make up the core of the sparse
matrix representation on there own?