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Subject: [ublas] How to solve triangular System XA=B?
From: Oswin Krause (Oswin.Krause_at_[hidden])
Date: 2012-04-13 13:29:39

Hi list,

i usually only need to solve triangular systems of the type AX=B (with
A, X and B being matrices) for which inplace_solve seems to work quite
well. But now i have to solve the system XA=B. For vectors exists a
special version which is designed for this, e.g.
inplace_solve(b,A,blas::lower); But there is no such function for the
matrix case.

Is there an easy way to emulate the behaviour? I am currently thinking
about whether transposing the matrices might help, but i am not sure
whether this works as expected

when calling inplace_solve(trans(A),trans(B),...)

this should be equivalent to
A^T X^T = B^T
=> X A = B

is that correct?