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Subject: Re: [ublas] Numeric Bindings to LAPACK on x64
From: Michael Baumgart (michi-baumgart_at_[hidden])
Date: 2012-05-24 12:21:25

>> For now, I'm compiling with MSVC 10 and I get loads of warnings like the
>> following:
>> <pathtoboost>\boost/numeric/bindings/lapack/ilaenv.hpp(34) : warning
>> C4267: 'argument' : conversion from 'size_t' to 'int', possible loss of data
>> This is quite clear to me, as all size members of ublas types are size_t
>> (=unsigned _int64), while the binding interface bases on int (32bit) types.
>> Although my code runs so far, I'm afraid to run into trouble sometime.
>> Is there a way to correctly handle the x64 case with uBlas and the
>> numeric bindings?
> You can't really other than getting ILP64 LAPACK.
> it will hurt you only if you specify lens/dims more than 2^31.

Ok for the right LAPACK binaries. But still, due to the explicit use of
int types (and the implicit cast) in the bindings, the linking with the
correct binary (with 64bit size types) might fail.

Wouldn't an adapted binding be necessary? Is this available or
considered somewhere?