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Subject: [ublas] Bindings with ACML MSVC example project? I have linking problems.
From: George Slavov (gpslavov_at_[hidden])
Date: 2012-06-29 22:25:34


I have been trying to get ACML working with the bindings and have run into
several walls. I blindly try to find a way to circumvent a problem, only to
reach some other problem. It would be extremely helpful if someone could
send me a minimal example of a MSVC project which correctly links with ACML
and calls one BLAS routine and one LAPACK routine. I don't care if the
paths only make sense on your own machine. I just want to be able to refer
to all the project properties of a project I know works.

If no one can help me with that, I could describe the issue I'm having. My
minimal test program involves calling gemv, really simple, but I get a
linker error: unresolved external symbol sgemv_. I am positive that I'm
linking to the right libs from ACML. I actually included all the libs I
could find in the lib folder. I used dumpbin to show the symbols in
libacml_mp.lib and I couldn't find sgemv with an underscore in the end so I
decided to


But then I got a compilation error because ublas bindings define ilaenv
which forwards to LAPACK_ILAENV which ends up being named the same. So the
ublas binding function seems to be trying to call itself and it has the
wrong signature for that. So then I decided to rename the ublas binding
function just to see what happens (haha) and everything magically compiled
and linked. But then at runtime I got

*** ACML error: on entry to SGEMV parameter number 1 had an illegal value

That's when I decided to give this a rest and ask for help. Any help would
be appreciated!
Best regards,

PS: at some point I was also asked by the linker to include
/NODEFAULTLIB:LIBMCT which I have also done.