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Subject: [ublas] Banded Matrix Layout
From: pmamales_at_[hidden]
Date: 2013-07-25 12:49:33

I am looking at the banded matrix implementation in ublas and let me concentrate on square banded matrices
to make things simpler.
The layout type is used primarily for the subscript operator (and the memory allocation, but this is trivial
for square matrices).
However it is called in a somewhat unconventional manner, i.e. with the indexes interchanged.
Effectively, it is reversing the layout that has been declared in the class.
In the important case of column major, the layout type should correspond to a column major lapack AB matrix.
Actually, I cannot see any other meaning in specifying a layout type for banded matrices.
This is not what is happening here.
Is this the intended behavior ? Am I missing something ?