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Subject: Re: [ublas] [numeric-bindings] NumericBindings conflicts with LAPACKE
From: Thomas Klimpel (thomas.klimpel_at_[hidden])
Date: 2015-09-03 06:21:51

Hi Marco,

the prototypes from lapacke.h seem to lack const qualifiers.
One option could be to extend the python script to create a lapacke.h with const qualifiers from a given lapacke.h.

Another option would be to allow the python script to generate bindings which use a "given" lapacke.h, and generate appropriate const_cast<>s in the
// Overloaded function for dispatching to
// * netlib-compatible LAPACK backend (the default)

A nicer variant of this option would be to have lapacke as another backend, and switch between the different backends via macros like BOOST_NUMERIC_BINDINGS_LAPACK_CLAPACK for switching from the
// * netlib-compatible LAPACK backend (the default)
// * ATLAS's CLAPACK backend

What would you prefer? A macro like BOOST_NUMERIC_BINDINGS_LAPACK_LAPACKE for switching to a lapacke backend, or some possibility to generate lapacke.h with const qualifiers, with the possible option to directly incorporate such an improved lapacke.h into future versions of lapacke?

Thomas Klimpel