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Subject: [ublas] improving the benchmarking API
From: Stefan Seefeld (stefan_at_[hidden])
Date: 2018-09-12 02:07:55

Hi there,

I have been looking at the existing benchmarks, to see how to extend
them to cover more functions as well as alternative implementations. The
existing benchmarks have a few shortcomings that I would like to address:

* a single benchmark executable will measure a range of operations, and
write output to stdout. It's impossible to benchmark individual operations

* operations are measured with a single set of inputs. It would be very
helpful to be able to run operations on a range of inputs, to see how
they perform over a variety of problem sizes.

* the generated output should be easily machine-readable, so it can be
post-processed into benchmark reports (including performance charts).

(The above will be particularly useful as we are preparing PRs to
include support for OpenCL backends (work that has been done by Fady
Essam as a GSoC project).

I have attempted to prototype a few new benchmarks (matrix-matrix
products, as well as matrix-vector products, for a variety of
value-types), together with a simple script to produce graphs. For
example, the attached plot was produced running:


 .../mm_prod -t float > mm_prod_float.txt

.../mm_prod -t double > mm_prod_double.txt

.../mm_prod -t fcomplex > mm_prod_fcomplex.txt

.../mm_prod -t dcomplex > mm_prod_dcomplex.txt mm_prod_*.txt


I'd appreciate any feedback, both on the general concepts, as well as
the code, which is here:



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