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From: Cem Bassoy (cem.bassoy_at_[hidden])
Date: 2020-03-22 09:56:45

Am So., 22. März 2020 um 09:14 Uhr schrieb Shao Wenzhi via ublas <

> Hi, I am intrested in coverting uBLAS to C++20.
> I have finished the programming test and really feel the efficiency of
> experssion template when doing matrix
> computation. But I still have some questions about this theme.

> 1.I am not sure what kind of new features are more likely to be used and
> why
> will we use it

We hope that student proposals can provide some possible solutions to your

> 2.What's the version of C++ of uBLAS now

We hope that you can answer the question yourself.

> 3.Is that ok if I send email directly to potential mentors

Only the competency tests please. If you think you are finished with your
competency test, send the competency test to the potential mentor directly.
The potential mentor will contact you if additional information is

In general, discussions should take place on the ublas mailing list.

> 4.reconstitution is a systematic work, I want to get some help to start
> this
> work

We hope that you are already acquainted with the ublas code basis (at least
tensor) and that you propose interesting ideas based on our suggested

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