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From: Reid Sweatman (reids_at_[hidden])
Date: 1999-08-19 13:39:14

> I do use a simple conversion program sometimes, however,
> because Notepad
> does NOT handle Unix-endlined files!

Then let me suggest one of the niftiest Windows add-ons I've encountered.
It's a NotePad replacement called TextPad, and is really closer to being a
simple program editor than the daim-brannaged thing NotePad is. If you have
any interest, it's shareware, cheap, and you can try it out for free. The
URL is It's always the first thing I install on a
newly-formatted version of Windows 9x/NT.

Off-topic, and I apologize, but this one is really useful. Oh, well, so
long as I've violated the list guidelines, also check out for more good Windows free- and
shareware. I couldn't run my debugging environment here if I actually had
to let all the corporate-mandated background crap run, so I use StartEd to
let only what I want load on bootup. They forced a crap network virus
checker on us that kicks in every hour and eats 98% of your CPU cycles for
about fifteen minutes. Crashes the VC++ debugger, especially when remote
debugging, and brings any other program to its knees. So I schedule my own
virus checks to run at night, updated every night, and keep their junk from
running. Of course, mine is the *only* machine in the company that's
remained virus-free since I started, while on two occasions every other
machine, including servers, in the company were crashed the same day, once
by Melissa, once by a Chernyoble variant. In a software company, a virus
that targets and wipes C++ files is lethal!

Okay, I'll shut up now.

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