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From: Beman Dawes (beman_at_[hidden])
Date: 1999-09-15 08:28:18

John Maddock wrote:

>Proposal for modifying regex++ regular
>expression library for compatibility with
>1) Immediate changes:
> b) change #include <jm/header> to
> #include <boost/re/header>

If there were a less headers, I would say put them directly in boost.
 If there were more headers, or the number is likely to grow, then
putting in boost/re is useful. Since it is borderline, use your own

> e) change #defines from JM_MACRO to
> BOOSTRE_MACRO & depreciate macros intended

Did you mean BOOST_RE_MACRO?

>2) Medium term changes:
>3) In parallel and/or longer term:

>The list above may not be exhaustive (!),
>but are the main points that come to mind.
>Ideally all of (1) and (2) should be
>carried out at the same time - and in
>practice there may be some overlap, the
>separation above represents my view of
>priorities, but may not be the only one.
>(3a) also feeds into (1) and (2), so I may
>try to produce an initial draft for member
>comment sooner rather than later if there
>is interest. Probably I will set a time
>limit on (1) and try to produce at least
>an "experimental" port in that time.

Sounds good! An "experimental" port would be interesting, but don't
feel rushed. Dealing with the issues in 3) could result in a more
elegant design, and that would be worth waiting for.


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