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From: Maarten Keijzer (mak_at_[hidden])
Date: 2000-03-07 08:36:45

Hi all,

I've been checking the interval library a bit as this is precisely what I
needed for some work and the PROFIL/BIAS interval library didn't provide
the proper interface (this apart from the unclarities in making it work on
modern compilers).

As I'm using MSVC I needed to change some stuff in the file interval.hpp
(isnan -> _isnan, include a file msvc_rounding_control.hpp (see below)) in
operators.hpp temporarily hacked a less_than_comparable2<interval<RealType,
Traits>, RealType > class, added std::min and std::max etc.)

Anyway... I got it to work -- more or less.

When testing the sqrt version, I get some errors. What happens basically is
that the NaN values generated by generate_nan() will fall throught the
interval::contain() check. When changing the interval_traits to return
quiet_NaN rather than signaling_NaN everything runs without errors. I'm not
sure which of the two we should return (using MSVC quiet_NaN() is -1.#IND,
while signaling_NaN is -1.#INF). I do not know which of the two is the best
and/or most portable way of implementing Interval::NaN here.

Any ideas?


The code:


#error Internal header file: This header must be included by
<boost/interval.hpp> only.

#ifndef _MSC_VER
#error This header is only intended for MSVC, but might work for Borland as

#include <float.h> // MSVC rounding control

namespace boost {
namespace detail {

class rounding_control
   rounding_control() { old_rm = _controlfp(0,0); }
  ~rounding_control() { _controlfp(old_rm, _MCW_RC); }
  void downward() { _controlfp(_RC_DOWN, _MCW_RC); }
  void upward() { _controlfp(_RC_UP, _MCW_RC); }
  void tonearest() { _controlfp(_RC_NEAR, _MCW_RC); }
  void towardzero() { _controlfp( _RC_CHOP, _MCW_RC); }
  unsigned int old_rm;

} // namespace detail
} // namespace boost


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