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From: Jens Maurer (jmaurer_at_[hidden])
Date: 2000-05-17 14:38:40

"Moore, Paul" wrote:
> I've never got mingw to "do the right thing" with "fancy" C++ like the Boost
> stuff, mainly because of the obscene std:: hacks (which effectively seem to
> make the std namespace not exist). Can you give me any pointers as to how to
> get it working? In particular, I can't get my rational library to work
> properly with mingw (and I don't think it's a problem with my code :-).

If mingw is basically gcc 2.95.2 ported to Windows, then here are
a few tips:

> Specifically, there's no <limits>,

You need to hack your own or copy it from STLport or somewhere else
where it gets generated via "configure" -- hopefully with the correct
endianess for infinity() and friends.

> and boost/operators.hpp gives "no class
> template named 'iterator' in 'std'" !!!

Go to the include directory and remove the funny #ifdef in
stl_iterator.h around the "iterator" definition.

> [Plus a warning about friend
> templates, which may be because GCC doesn't support them - anyone know?]

It tells you in the warning message how to turn it off. Basically,
you can ignore it. (within the limits of gcc's strange attitude
towards boost/operators.hpp, which BOOST_NO_OPERATORS_IN_NAMESPACE
cares for)

Jens Maurer

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