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From: jsiek_at_[hidden]
Date: 2000-10-04 01:14:38

Hi Krishna,

As you've noticed, the boost distribution does not provide
makefiles. The reason is that makefiles are not portable to all
platforms. Hopefully a more portable and modern alternative will be
available in the not-to-distant future (

As for installation, you can leave the files in place, or copy
boost/boost (all the headers) to somewhere else (like
/usr/local/include) in your include path.

As for making the examples, command line is fine, or create a makefile
of your own. There is no standard boost mechanism.

Krishna Padmasola writes:
> Hi Jeremy,
> I downloaded, but it does not have any installation
> instructions or makefiles. How does the installation work. Will a plain
> copy to /usr/local work? How to make the examples?
> I was able to get it all working by compiling the examples individually
> on the command line, but I want to know what the standard mechanism used
> by boost is.
> Since boost is not following the autoconf/automake/make model, how do I
> build the examples?
> A lot of things related to property accessors seem to have changed; is
> there a list of user visible changes in this version compared to the
> last version? I also noticed during some compiles that header files from

I haven't made such a list. I'll try to get a list of changes written
up... In the mean time you're best bet is looking at how the examples
changed. I would say that most of the change was concentrated in the
property accessors.

> the pending directory are getting included--is that Ok? What is the
> significance of the pending files?

The files in the pending directory are files that are needed by
BGL, but which are not part of BGL. The files will be going through
separate formal reviews, and therefore may change.



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