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From: Mark Rodgers (mark.rodgers_at_[hidden])
Date: 2000-11-07 03:05:49

Here are my comments.


- Needs boost header.

- The link to lexical_cast will need to come out until
  lexical_cast is accepted into Boost.

- The link to any.hpp at the top of the Synopsis would be broken
  if any.hpp lives in boost/, which is where it should indeed

- I find the documentation of the members very confusing. The
  member signatures are indented and not in bold, so they look
  like code snippets embedded in the text rather than headings.


- It might be nice to at least be able to compare anys for
  equality - equal if same type and contents equal. An ordering
  using type_info::before might even be possible. On the other
  hand, that puts additional constraints on ValueTypes. Not
  sure what's best. As it is, the void* conversion probably
  allows comparisons with somewhat surprising results.

- The conversion to void* is IMHO A Bad Thing. Please remove it
  and replace with

     bool empty() const { return content == 0; }

- I wonder why swap returns *this. The normal convention is for
  swap functions to return void.

- I think you need to either specialise std::swap or provide a
  swap function in boost::, depending on your preference. I think
  the jury is out on what is the correct thing to do for non-
  templates (I think probably the former).

- There are two distinct bugs being worked around with MSVC_INCLUDE
  and MSVC_EXCLUDE. GCC shares one of them, so it is not possible
  to make any work for GCC just by defining COMPILING_MSVC (which
  you should anyway integrate into config.hpp as noted in future
  directions). By commenting out the MSVC_INCLUDE on the copy
  constructor and assignment operator, and by defining COMPILING_MSVC
  since GCC shares the inability to write object.memfun<foo>(), I
  was able to make this work with GCC.

- I wonder if it would be a good idea to provide a pair of to_ptr
  functions for MSVC's and GCC's benefit?

    template <typename ValueType>
    ValueType *to_ptr(any &a)
      { return a.to_ptr MSVC_EXCLUDE(<ValueType>)(
                MSVC_INCLUDE(static_cast<ValueType *>(0))); }

  and similar for const?

      boost::any a(23);
      int *p = to_ptr(a);

  seems a lot nicer than

      boost::any a(23);
      int *p = a.to_ptr(static_cast<int *>(0));


- Please change
    #include "any.hpp"
    #include "boost/any.hpp"

- The test_comparisons function is very misleading since it gives
  the impression that anys can be compared sensibly. Comparing
  0 < &typeid(void) seems particularly unuseful.


- Needs copyright notice.

- I agree with Jeremy - using string as a template parameter is

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