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From: Beman Dawes (beman_at_[hidden])
Date: 2001-01-08 10:19:26

At 10:44 PM 1/7/2001 +0100, Jens Maurer wrote:

>Beman Dawes wrote:
>> * Regression tests now include execution testing. See Compiler
>Ok, I've committed Linux, IRIX, and DEC/Compaq Tru64 Unix
>versions of the new regression test results. Looks ok. Note
>the filename changes.

Hum... When I updated, I got these messages:

cvs server: warning: cs-irix6.html is not (any longer) pertinent
cvs server: warning: cs-linux2.html is not (any longer) pertinent
cvs server: warning: cs-osf1V5.html is not (any longer) pertinent

Have we been CVS'ed again? What on earth does that mean? The files
disappeared from the updated directory.

>I've also changed regression.cpp in the obvious way, plus:

Thanks for the minor fixes, like adding comments. Seems like
regression.cpp is stabilizing very nicely.

> - An option to include the version of the operating system
>and possibly more: get_system_configuration(). Adjust for
>Win32 and BeOS to your liking.
> - Notes added for Linux, IRIX, and Tru64 Unix.
> - Looks like we can remove now.


>Remark: It looks like gcc 2.95.2 with STLport 4.0 on Linux is the only
>compiler to pass all tests. I like that. :-)
>[I've applied a typo fix to the discussionpolicy: "section n.n.n OF the



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