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From: boost (boost_at_[hidden])
Date: 2001-03-30 16:35:53

Dear Jon Kalb,

I'm posting this as I think it's of general interest,
but I won't reply to it again on the list.

please let me point out the following:

-> I get ~20.. 50 SPAMS per day
-> Maybe yahoo is honest with with their
    privacy statements, many others are not
    and we can't judge?
-> I'm sorry but your registering site is not using encrypting.
  I don't give privacy information on unencrypted sites.
-> Yes later on one can use encryption, but not when you register.

On Friday 30 March 2001 19:29, you wrote:
> I'm disappointed that professionals would encourage other professionals to
> lie.
> If I told you (for example) that I hate Microsoft and don't want to
> support them with my dollars, but I would like to use some of their
> software, would you encourage me to pirate it? If I told you that I
> have the source, but not the rights, to a library, but I'm pretty
> certain the rights holder wouldn't notice if I altered it a bit and
> submitted Boost, would you stand for it?
No, but that has nothing to do with registering an untrusty site.
Sorry the implied statement that I'm a software pirat is at least
as bad as not being honest with private information.

And have you read the privacy statements?????
I assume not. Read the chapter on Cookies, maybe read it 3 times
and drink a coffe between it and read counterpanes security pages.
What about the section on changing the Privacy statement ???

> Of course software piracy and on-line fraud happen all of the time (I
> can't claim to be guilt-free myself), but I don't think we need to
> encourage it.
That has nothing to do with piracy.

> Yahoo!'s price of admission is 6 pieces of information, which (other
> than your name) do not identify you as a individual and (other than
> your birth date) you wouldn't think twice about giving to someone you
> just met at a party. You will never be spammed with any of this
> information, unless you yourself opt-in or give it to someone else.
Sorry, that is not very clear when you subscribe.

> But that is entirely beside the point, which is that Yahoo! has the
> right to establish the price of admission and we, as users, have the
> right to not use the service. While it is naive of me to believe that
> honorable people won't *ever* pirate software or obtain services
> under false pretences, I don't think it's to much to ask that
> honorable people not encourage others to do so in public forums.
Please explain me what's your point?
Complaining that I'm not honest is o.k., but why are I am a software

> I don't mean to start a flame war (I only sent this to you two) and I
> wouldn't have mentioned it all if I didn't think you were both
> honorable individuals. I just wanted to express my disappointment at
> the decline of Western Civilization. :-/
And please note, I did use my offical mail account.
To fake the system I would have used an hotmail email adress.
In my live I have answered a lot of question on usenet groups,
spent time debugging other people software, not on pirating software.

I anwered a question of a person who is scared sending his private
information over an unsecure net.

Best wishes,

P.S. My full signature:
Dr. Peter Schmitteckert / IT-Consulting
s-mail: Fridolinstr. 19, 68753 Waghäusel
e-mail: peter_at_[hidden]
Tel.: 07254/951896

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