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From: John (EBo) David (ebo_at_[hidden])
Date: 2001-03-21 00:31:39

> I can respond regarding Jam, though you don't seem to have asked the
> promised questions: it does not appear to be designed to deal with the
> config problem. As far as I can tell it is only a build tool.

ahhh... sorry I was not clear:

1) does Jam generate configuration scripts or build on the fly? [BTW, I
think you answered this]

2) what is the smallest configuration required to run?

3) how well does it work with legacy systems [any experience here]?

> I think we have lots of infrastructure issues to deal with. I don't know the
> relative priorities of all of them, but IMO the build problem is higher
> priority than the config problem... maybe even much higher.

What do you consider the distinction between the build and configuration
phase? How can we deal with each effectively?

> Finally, as a moderator I apologize if the discourse here ended up insulting
> anyone. Obviously we can't protect everyone from that, but we do strive to
> maintain a high standard of civility.

part of the problem was that I was tired and stressed, and as a result
was not as careful with my words as I would have preferred. Also, being
so stressed I took a couple of comments personally when I normally would
have ignored their thornier parts. At the time I just decided I would
stop participating in the discussions because my general philosophy is
that I have no right to complain unless I do something about it; in this
case take the time to provide configuration/build scripts, tools, etc.
Since I do not have time to devote to this at the moment I just stopped
participating. As soon as things slow down a little I hope to
contribute in more meaningful ways, but for now it's one day at a time.

> I hope that things have improved since your last experience.

quite often we each have *very* strong opinions and voice them. With
open forums like this it can be expected that toes will be stepped on
from time to time. In all my interactions with Boost participants, I
have only got my proverbial toes stepped on one or twice, and I am sure
that I have inadvertently stepped on others or succeeded in just
annoying them.

Personally I have truly enjoyed my experience with Boost, and look
forward to using and hopefully contributing to the effort and

Toward that end:

1) What are the most dependable multi-platform methods for each and what
features are lacking?

Personally I like tools like autoconfigand automake, but they do not
produce multi-OS scripts and/or require an entire collection of *stuff*
packaged in things like GnuWin. IDE's are wonderful, but I've yet to
have access to one that works smoothly cross-platform.

2) what are the axiomatic primitives necessary (if not sufficient) for
configuration and building?

examples: install, test if file exists, test if sample program can
compile, compile a single file...


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